CAM Support

Application Support

The efficiency of milling or grinding depends on a variety of parameters.
The HSC machine is just one of these parameters.

The strong advan­tages and outstanding results possible with High Speed Cutting can only be achieved if all parameters are optimised.

A specialist always offers more in his field than a gener­alist. Therefore, Roeders delib­er­ately decided not to develop other technologies but to focus completely on HSC machining. Roeders’ years of experience, also in its own mould production, as well as a well-equipped appli­cation and test centre are the sound foundation for customer support.

Roeders has in-house CAM programmers that are profi­cient in the use of the leading CAD/CAM systems, and can therefore offer on-site customer support or special program­ming training on the customer’s own CAM system. If desired, machining tests can be performed with the customer’s CAM system.