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Advantages of Roeders RXD Dental Milling Machines

Dental-Maschine RXD5
  • Proven tech­nol­o­gy result­ing from over 20 years expe­ri­ence in High Speed Cutting
  • Wear-free axis dri­ves with lin­ear motor technology
  • Extreme­ly short machin­ing times, par­tial­ly below 5 min­utes per unit
  • Long last­ing tool life result­ing in very low tool costs due to high machine stiff­ness
    avoid­ing tool vibrations
  • High­ly effi­cient mate­r­i­al uti­liza­tion result­ing in the pro­duc­tion of sig­nif­i­cant­ly more units
    per disc (up to 30% more), achieved by a one sided clamp­ing of the discs
  • High­est Pre­ci­sion, also for 5‑axis machining
  • Up to 50,000 rpm avail­able with stan­dard spin­dle, ide­al for fil­i­gree den­tal works
  • All mate­ri­als machine­able in one HSC machine, also mixed oper­a­tion possible
  • 4- and 5‑axis HSC machines available
  • Tool length mea­sure­ment, break and wear con­trol with inte­grat­ed mea­sur­ing laser,
    auto­mat­ic con­tin­u­a­tion of next job in case of tool break­age,
    auto­mat­ic tool change in case of wear
  • Inte­gra­tion into Roed­ers own man­i­fold automa­tion solu­tions pos­si­ble,
    also after instal­la­tion of the HSC machine