Jig Grinding

Röders Maschinenbau Schnittwerkzeug

Jig Grinding

Injection mould for lenses for mobile phones
  • 24 cav­i­ties with Ø 8 mm
  • Cylin­dric­i­ty 30 mm long,
    start­ing 15 mm below the mould sur­face
    up to a depth of 45 mm
  • chieved cylin­dric­i­ty at all cav­i­ties < 0.5 µm

Röders GmbH Schnittstempel Joghurtdeckel
Blanking punch for cover of yogurt cup

Tol­er­ance 0,5 µm

Blanking punch

Tol­er­ance < 1 µm over the full height

Housing for a hydraulic pump

Tol­er­ances of the “dou­ble holes” (posi­tion and round­ness) < 1 µm

Roeders GmbH Kurvenrad
Cam Wheel

Ra 0,02 µm

Gear of gear pump

Röders Maschinenbau Schnittwerkzeug
Cutting tool

milling of the com­plete part,
5‑axis grind­ing of cut­ting edge


Combined cutting and forming die

upper sur­face machined by High Speed Cut­ting,
hole man­u­fac­tured by jig grind­ing, round­ness < 0.5 µm