RXP601DS – 5‑axis machine

Maschine RXP601DS

High­est pos­si­ble dynam­ics through extreme­ly pow­er­ful direct dri­ves, also in the rotary axes

  • High­ly pre­cise due to spe­cial Röders geom­e­try compensation
  • Stan­dard chucks, includ­ing UPC Erowa, may be integrated
  • Machine fits into a stan­dard con­tain­er for transportation
Tech­ni­cal data
Machin­ing range520 mm x 635 mm x 400 mm
Swiv­el­ling range+/-115 degrees
Rota­tion rangeAlmost unlim­it­ed
Table size340 mm round or 340 mm square,
400 mm round with two flat­tened sides or 400 mm round
Work­piece weightmax. 100 kg
Feed0–60,000 mm/min
Milling spin­dle (stan­dard)36,000 rpm, 15 kW, HSK E50,
max­i­mum tool diam­e­ter 20 mm
Tool chang­er36 for HSK E50, option­al 76 or more places
(chain chang­er – can be loaded dur­ing machin­ing)
inte­grat­ed mea­sur­ing laser
Chip dis­pos­alWith 2 screws into chip box behind the machine,
addi­tion­al chip con­vey­or optional
Machine weight~9.7 t
Required spaceW 2900 mm x L 2950 mm (depend­ing on con­fig­u­ra­tion)
x H approx. 2820 / 2960 mm (depend­ing on spin­dle type)
Innenraum RXP601DS
Machin­ing area RXP601DS
  • High­ly effi­cient due to high stiff­ness and opti­mum lay­out of the mass inertia
  • Two-sided sup­port of the C‑axis for high sta­bil­i­ty and precision
  • Counter bear­ing dimen­sioned for up to 4 t load
  • High res­o­lu­tion opti­cal encoders in all axes
  • Pow­er­ful wear-free direct dri­ves in all axes
  • Spe­cial Roed­ers 5‑axis geom­e­try com­pen­sa­tion for high pre­ci­sion, also at long last­ing machin­ing operations
  • Pre­cise tem­per­a­ture con­trol of machine components
  • For dynam­ic decou­pling, the swiv­el­ling direc­tion is at right angles to the X axis
  • Win­dows very close to the machin­ing area, vis­i­ble from two sides
  • Chucks for dif­fer­ent pal­let sys­tems can be inte­grat­ed into the C‑table
  • Machine table for turn and swiv­el axis in long year proven “bowl”-shaped design

Down­load Stroke posi­tion RXP601DS — 71 kB

Down­load Floor­plan RXP601DS — 138 kB