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The main reason for dimen­sional devia­tions on workpieces are temper­ature fluctu­a­tions in the machine or the environment. With PRECITEMP® I, II or III this is no longer a problem. Depending on the require­ments, the machine can be configured to the necessary level of precision by compre­hensive tempering and software compen­sation with the PRECITEMP® I, II or III modules if ambient temper­a­tures are not constant, as is often the case in workshops even if they are air-conditioned.

Roeders of America graph temperature controlled rotary axis bearings
Temper­ature controlled rotary axis bearings

For rotary axes with torque motors it is common to temper the motors with water. Roeders goes one step further and optionally also tempers the bearings and the machine table in the rotary axes. Dimen­sional devia­tions at higher speeds are thus signif­i­cantly reduced.
(Only available for RPT machines)

Roeders of America Large number of tempering circuits
Large number of tempering circuits
  • Machines completely temper­ature-stabilised, due to a large number of water circuits
  • For highest precision the guiding rails and carriages are optionally temper­ature controled with a water circuit directly through the rails and carriages themselves

Roeders of America Exact temperature stabilisation
Exact temper­ature stabilisation