Mould and Die Making

Röders Maschinenbau Uhrenarmband

Mould and Die Making

Röders Maschinenbau Mikroform Uhrenarmband
Liquid Silicon Rubber moulds

High­ly pre­cise 5‑axis machin­ing, no rework of part­ing sur­faces necessary

Die casting moulds

Die cast­ing moulds are com­plete­ly (rough­ing and fin­ish­ing) machined with HSC direct­ly in hard­ened steel. Roed­ers HSC tech­nol­o­gy reli­ably achieves a sur­face qual­i­ty and accu­ra­cy which makes bench work unnec­es­sary, even at mould part­ing surfaces.

Die for chain links

Weigh­ing 1 t, this die was machined on the RXU1200 in 50% of the time pre­vi­ous­ly needed


for the chip indus­try and oth­er sectors

Engraving width and depth 0.05 mm

Injection mould

for a swiv­el-chair cov­er; dimen­sions approx. 1 m x 1 m

Insert for reflector injection mould

Through the con­stant opti­mi­sa­tion of all machine components,surfaces can now be pro­duced in “pol­ished quality”.


Milled with 5‑axis machines with­out any reworking

for con­nec­tors

of elec­trodes for con­nec­tors above, small­est cut­ter Ø 0.8 mm, achieved Ra = 0.1 µm

Milled with 3- and 5‑axis machines with­out any reworking

Tools for sheet metal forming

HSC milling and jig grind­ing with high pre­ci­sion in a sin­gle set-up

Cutting rollers

Spe­cial soft­ware avail­able for 4‑axis carving

Rubber moulds

Machin­ing from all sides in one set-up

Tire moulds

Extreme dynam­ics for short­est machin­ing times

Röders GmbH Formen für Brennstoffzellen
Moulds for fuel cells

Cutting and forming die

HSC milling and jig grind­ing (tol­er­ance 1 µm) in a sin­gle set-up

Blanking punch

Tol­er­ance < 1 µm over the full height

Package moulds

of high-ten­sile aluminium 

Precision forging dies

High rpm for pro­duc­ing small cor­ner radii

Injection moulds

with high pre­ci­sion in every detail

Crankshaft forging dies

in high-ten­sile steel with extreme cut­ter lengths, finish-machined

Complex plastic injection moulds

no longer requir­ing spark erosion

Embossing dies

fin­ish-machined in 70 HRC

Shoe moulds

Alu­mini­um cut­ting with very short milling times