Optical Components

Röders Maschinenbau Optische Komponenten

Optical Components

Roeders of America Inc. Glas Prism 01
Roeders of America Inc. Glas Prism 02
Glass prisms

Machining of optical glass prisms with extreme angular precision below 2 arc seconds, also for large prisms. Roughing and finishing in one set-up on 5‑axis and respec­tively 3‑axis machine

Since beginning of 2012 due to new devel­op­ments in drive and spindle technology extremely high surface qualities are achievable, which are compa­rable to such produced on ultra-precision machine tools (UP machines).

Roeders of America Inc. Reflector OptaTec

Produced with air bearing spindle on the machine

  • Precision +/- 1 µm
  • Surface quality Ra = 0.005 µm
Roeders of America Inc. Lens Array

Insert for injection mould of a mobile phone display

Entire surface produced with Ra < 0.01 µm on the HSC machine

Surface quality after milling

with a 4 mm ball nose cutter, surface quality Ra < 10 nm, machining with small step over from tool path to tool path


of reflecting workpiece above