Precision Parts Manufacturing

Röders Maschinenbau Produktion

Precision Parts Manufacturing

With Roeders machines, you reliably and perma­nently hold very small toler­ances in the parts production. If necessary, you can combine milling and grinding in one set-up for optimal results. The PRECITEMP® technology developed by Roeders over many years ensures a thermally robust machine structure, so that no thermal drifts occur even with fluctu­ating ambient temper­a­tures and the machine zero points remain stable and unchanged. In this way, you create the condi­tions for a highly efficient automation with lowest staff require­ments possible. Roeders offers numerous handling devices and software solutions that have been proven for many years.

Roeders GmbH Drosselklappengehaeuse
Throttle valve housing

Toler­ances down to 0.01 mm, surface quality Ra 0.2 µm

Housing for a hydraulic pump

Toler­ances of the “double holes” (position and roundness) < 1 µm


Implant machined from solid block

Roeders GmbH Halsplatte für Blasform
Neck plate for blow mould

produced in two set-ups, toler­ances 0.01 mm


produced by milling and grinding in one set-up, toler­ances smaller than 1 µm

Roeders GmbH Massstabshalter fuer Glasmassstab
Reading head holder for linear scale

machined in 2 set-ups, toler­ances 0.01 mm

Roeders GmbH Gehaeuseteile fuer Kieferscanner
Housing of a jaw scanner

high surface quality for coating necessary

Optikhalter für Präzisionsoptik
Optical mount for precision lenses

Series production, machined from the solid, roundness < 2 µm

Kleinserien und Prototypen
Small batches and prototypes

Housing for electrical components

Druckkopf aus Graphit
Printing head for high-performance printers, machined in graphite

Fully automated high-precision series production 


completely machined

Design study

finish-machined in one set-up from 5 sides

Small batch – automotive

Gear knob and tank cap machined from the solid in 5 axes, to save the mould costs for small quantities

Kleinserie Fahrradteil
Small batch – bicycle parts

Machined from the solid in 5 axes