Jig Grinding

Spindel - Schleiftechnologie

Technology for Jig Grinding

Röders GmbH Technologie Koordinatenschleifen
Opti­mised grind­ing process
  • Pre­cise­ly tem­per­a­ture-con­trolled, flush­ing grind­ing oil
  • Chop grind­ing with slow con­tour feed rate
  • Con­tour grind­ing with slow Z‑motion and high feed rate
  • High sur­face qual­i­ties pos­si­ble with Ra < 0.01 µm

Verlässliche Präzision
Reli­able Precision
  • Check mea­sure­ments with the auto­mat­ic 3D touch probe of the machine
    per­mit the pro­duc­tion of min­imised tol­er­ances for the work­piece, even in unat­tend­ed operation

Röders GmbH Screen Simulation Grinding Cycle Programming
Röders GmbH Screen Simulation Conegrinding
CAM pro­gram­ming for jig grinding
  • Very sim­ple user inter­face for input of the grind­ing para­me­ters at the control
  • Cycles for chop grind­ing and for con­tour grind­ing with slow Z‑motion available
  • Exter­nal­ly pro­grammed or con­struct­ed con­tours may be imported
  • Also con­i­cal con­tours are eas­i­ly pro­grammed and machined, incl. dress­ing of the wheel

Röders GmbH Abrichten des Schleifstiftes - dressing up spindle
Dress­ing of the grind­ing wheel
at the rotat­ing dress­ing spindle
  • Spe­cial cycles avail­able for dressing
  • Pre­lim­i­nary mea­sure­ment of the grind­ing wheel in the mea­sur­ing laser for a “rough measurement”

Körperschallvermessung des Schleifstiftes
Con­tact mea­sure­ment
of the grind­ing wheel

The con­tact mea­sure­ment is used for

  • pre­cise­ly mea­sur­ing the grind­ing wheel on dia­mond surfaces
  • mea­sur­ing the workpiece
  • mon­i­tor­ing the grind­ing process

Schleiföl / Löschtechnik
Grind­ing oil / extin­guish­ing equipment
  • Spe­cial pre­cise­ly tem­per­a­ture-con­trolled and fine-fil­tered grind­ing oil for opti­mal grind­ing results
  • Reli­able two-chan­nel extin­guish­ing equip­ment for the entire machin­ing area