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Outstanding High Speed Technologies —
Welcome to Roeders of America

For more than 30 years Roeders has been devel­oping the High Speed Cutting Technology. The ultimate goals are precision, surface quality and dynamics. Over 300 machines have been installed in North America. Typical appli­ca­tions are

  • Mould and die production for injection moulding, die casting, forging and other
  • Dental production of crowns, bridges, abutments etc.
  • High precision production parts
  • Minting technology
  • Optical Compo­nents
  • Impeller, Blisks, turbine blades

Roeders supplies the machines, the complete automation, also for multiple machines, and the appli­cation technology with respect to programming strategies, cutters etc. Regional exclusive Roeders service techni­cians support the customers within shortest response times. All this insures highest produc­tivity, relia­bility and availability.

Roeders of America is hiring!

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